GMR Assistant

GMR works borderless and non-stop. Not only do we provide impactful consultant services for high-end clients and having assets of our own, but we’re also able to take away time consuming tasks that can be done perfectly on remote. We have a team of virtual assistants led by Pieter Borremans covering Europe, US and Asia.

What makes us a good fit?

Over the years when we build our own ventures, we realised how important it can be to have a single focus on building your brand, product or dominance across the web. Taking away noise can benefit you long term. As we encountered over the years our own hurdles, needless to say that time spent is priceless.

Working with other start-ups or ventures over the years to streamline their inefficiencies just improved our game on how to tackle tasks smooth. Grow My Retail can take away the noise and help you on remote.

Virtual Assistant "On-The-Go"

Folder Organisation & Cleanup
E-mail response
Interim Customer Support
Copy Paste Data

Digital Marketing & SEO

On-Page SEO
Detailed Keyword Research
Link building
Guest Blogging

Data Mining & Search

Lead Generation
Data Search Angel Investors
Data VC Firms
Product & Niche Search

Translations & Proofreading

Proofreading content is available for Dutch, French, Mandarin & Taiwanese. We can structurally edit your content upon request.


App Reviews iOS & Android + Testing

We are happy to test your apps, or products, create genuine reviews to boost your sales, improve search on Amazon or App store. (Android and iOs)

Last-Minute Emergencies

Something went wrong? We have the right resources in-house or network to get your problems solved within the desired timeframe.

Emergencies happen. The only thing we do not have is a bat signal to summon us! Phone call will do 🙂

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