Shopify is the preferred platform for dropshipping by entrepreneurs. Many applications on the Shopify app store can help you locate suppliers and dropship quickly into your Shopify store, but two stand out: Spocket and Oberlo.

Here are the significant differences between the two Shopify applications so that Shopify store owners can make informed decisions based on their needs and plans for the store.

1. Product Sourcing

Oberlo is a Shopify dropshipping app that mainly sells AliExpress goods with a few confirmed suppliers. While this provides you with an immense library of items to add to your shop, selecting a reliable, trustworthy supplier can be difficult.

But, if you manage to find a great product, the low product prices can result in a lot of impulse sales. If one digs deep enough, there are several unique items to be found. It is easy to add the products directly to your store from AliExpress, but the shipping times and quality are difficult to trust entirely.

With Spocket, you can source products from independently vetted suppliers all over the world. Spocket focuses on local suppliers, Etsy artisans, and distributors for goods. Furthermore, many of Spocket’s suppliers are located in the United States and the European Union, leading to faster shipping.

2. Automation

Spocket and Oberlo both allow for almost the same automation, which is vital for any dropshipping enterprise. They both automated imports, pricing rules, order fulfillment, and inventory update. Spocket automated tracking sync to Shopify while Oberlo didn’t.
Spocket wins again in this round.

3. Branding and viability

You can stand out as a brand in a competitive marketplace by fostering excellent relationships with your customers. Spocket and Oberlo both ensure that the shipments that meet your customers will include no promotional materials, invoices, or leaflets.

With Spocket, along with neutral, generic packaging, manufacturers can often apply your store’s invoice to the package, along with your store’s name, contact information, logo, and a personal message from you to the consumer, which Oberlo does not include.

Spocket allows users to order samples directly from the search page and create special collections that make it easy to import new items.

4. Product deliveries

Deliveries via Spocket are usually faster. Although the Spocket catalog isn’t as extensive as Oberlo’s, the items ship more quickly. The most widespread criticism of Oberlo goods is their lengthy delivery times.

5. Customer Support

You can always get help no matter what problem you’re having, as Spocket and Oberlo both have 24/7 customer service and in-app chat features.

Furthermore, Spocket’s Facebook group is a great community where daily tips, tricks, and instructional material are shared, and retailers can get their websites reviewed by experts for free.

Both the Spocket and Oberlo blogs publish valuable content many days a week, which significantly benefits new entrepreneurs.

6. Pricing

Oberlo’s on it Pro Plan offers a multiple users account – a function that Spocket does not have. Spocket restricts some items to higher-priced plans, while Oberlo does not.

Spocket is more expensive each month, whereas Oberlo is less expensive and offers a free plan– so if you’re on a tight budget, you might prefer Oberlo.


Though Spocket and Oberlo both have strong positions in the Shopify app store, Spocket has quickly affirmed its superiority.

Spocket has targeted all of the pain points that retailers faced while running a dropshipping business on Shopify for long-term business growth and has developed an easy, seamless, and user-friendly interface.

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