Social media has been a game-changer for many businesses. The ability to instantly directly reach customers is something no organization should ever take lightly. Yet some companies still manage to ruin this opportunity through a range of social media mistakes.

From hiring unqualified staff to reckless posting, here are some of the basic social media mistakes companies still make.

Social Media Mistake  1: Not Hiring Qualified Staff

A lot of companies still advertise their social media positions as entry-level / internships.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with hiring people with little to no experience. In fact, it should be encouraged, seeing as all of today’s seniors were yesterday’s juniors. The problem comes in when there is no senior social media practitioner in the entire organization.

Social media revenue reached $41.5 billion in 2020. More than half of the world’s entire population is on at least one platform. Allowing second-year students to handle these potential goldmines is a social media mistake you cannot afford.

To maximize returns from social network platforms, make sure you hire qualified people with the required experience.

Social Media Mistake 2: Not Investing Resources

Most social network sites are free to use. It is quite tempting to make sure the organization’s social media activities are also free.

However, a business cannot operate within the same bounds as ordinary users. The average person might not need to purchase analytics tools, but a business has to. An average person might not need to pay for promotional posts, but a business has to.

Always treat social websites like any other promotional platform. If you have to pay to ensure you get top-quality space and airtime in mainstream media, why would social media be any different?

Social Media Mistake  3: Treating Social Media Like a Magic Bullet

Your company has just launched a new product. Posting about it on Facebook and hoping for the best is not a winning strategy. It is in fact among many common social media mistakes companies make.

How exactly you market the product on social media should be a well-thought-out process. Before that, you should be actively engaging with your followers.

More importantly, you should be using other channels to promote your page. Do your blog posts and guest articles link to your social media page? Are your social media links included in your newsletter, email signature, business card, and so on?

Social Media Mistake 4: Overestimating the Power of Social Media

A social media mistake to avoid is overestimating the power of social network sites.

A certain view being popular on social media does not make it popular among the broader population. A Twitter poll is a terrible research tool. Seriously, hire a qualified market researcher.

There are over a billion people on social media. Out of that billion, less than 0.000001% are likely to ever become your target audience. Unless you run a business where you are certain your entire customer base is on the internet, the online community is not representative of everyone.

Making product line decisions because of social media trends could be the worst thing you do to your business.

Social Media Mistake  5: Underestimating the Power of Social Media

Despite all appearances, this is not a contradiction of the last point.

Documenting businesses and personalities who’ve fallen from grace after tweeting something unfavorable is beyond the scope of this article. Yet we know it happens quite regularly. It is possibly the most common social media mistake.

Your business’s social media account is a professional profile, not a personal page. It is not the place for cultural or socio-political commentary. Treat it accordingly.

Training yourself or your social media manager to think before posting will save you tons of trouble down the line.

Most Social Media Mistakes are Avoidable

There are many companies that have made colossal internet blunders. These range from not investing adequate resources, to treating these platforms like magic money makers. As you can see,  most of these social media mistakes can be easily avoided.

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