Pieter Borremans

Pieter Borremans

Bio & Intro

Born in Asia, but raised in Belgium. Studied finance, business & marketing. Started his first venture at age 22, and never looked back. Lives/Lived in 3 continents ending up in London, where I met my future wife.

Mostly on a mission to disrupt the landscape of venture capitalism and a big supporter of micro-economy. The eye-openers I got after traveling to 49 countries in all corners of the world, had a big impact on what value I can add towards business from a financial POV.

Founder of Copus Capital & Grow My Retail.

Core Spectrum

VC | Hedge Fund | Mergers | Acquisitions | Exit Strategies | Problem Solving | Business Structuring | Corporate Relationship Management | Commercial Acumen | General Management | SEM | Digital Strategy | Media Buying | Data Analytics

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Twitter | LinkedIn | Instagram | Telegram @GrowMyRetail | WhatsApp +886 909 240 625

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