What we stand for.

The Synergy.

Silk Seed Ventures <strong>embraces a synergy between finance, online media, XYZ</strong> with the mission of supporting micro economy from an early stage POV. We position ourselves as a smarter investment firm, build with layers, and no borders.


Think Tank.

If you are looking for a traditional investment firm, we have to disappoint you. We are a <strong>modern investment think tank</strong> that is built for entrepreneurs, by entrepreneurs.

What we achieve.

Amplify Growth.

We are a firm that amplifies growth for start-ups, puts capital to work in our investment fund for our clients, uses online media as a measuring or traction tool and we serve as a bridge between Europe and Asia. Our <strong>ecosystem</strong> serves as a true <strong>catalyst.</strong>

By Design.


We are a result of a traditional market where disruption is needed. <strong>Re-shaping the landscape </strong>of venture capital, asset management and investing with a <strong>focus on the micro-economy.</strong>

A synergy that creates an impactful structure, for everyone.

We think finance, breathe business and deliver value.

Private Investment Firm.

We validate, curate start-ups from start to finish. We stay in the middle, guide both sides of the table. We help our investors to make smarter decisions, and accelerate the deal flow.

XYZ Accelerator.

We provide a wide range of skills to accelerate businesses that got funded by our clients. We are the XYZ asset that can push a start-up over the line to succeed, grow and turn into a scale-up.

Online Media 5.0

Our online publishing network serves as a risk reducer, a backbone, a validator and non-cash value for start-ups seeking to gain traction in early stage.

Data Driven Hedge Fund.

Primary focus on EMEA equities, G10 FX, undervalued stocks and tech. Sidetracked with a crypto-only fund. Data driven paired with manual execution and brainpower.

Meet our team

Team Members