Display Advertising Definition & Meaning

Display advertising refers to the way of promoting products or services through the use of images, videos, and graphics posted on various online publishers such as social media platforms, apps, and other third-party websites. Display ads can be seen in different search engine results pages but not when it is actively searched for. It can appear on the page of someone based on the demographics of the target consumers as well as their previous online activities or searches. Since 1994, the appearance of display ads has changed and the frequency of those who have caught their attention through this kind of advertisement.

Types of Display Marketing

  • Contextual Display Ads – this type of display advertising appears on related websites wherein networks can place it based on the context or relevance of the advertisement. For example, those display ads about beverages will appear on those sites related to this topic.
  • Remarketing Display Ads – this will be seen on the social media pages or sites of those who previously searched or visited your website. It will target those users to whom the conversion goal was not yet achieved. It will keep on attracting those who had a history of clicks on your site.
  • Site Placement Display Ads – in this type of display ads, the marketers are choosing which website they are going to publish or run their banner on. This time, the posting will be based on the promoter’s discretion.

Benefits of Display Marketing

  • It is less costly than using other traditional advertising channels like television and print ads. Moreover, it is now the trend, especially since we are already internet-based.
  • It gives opportunities for remarketing particularly those who have previously visited your website and those who have related online behavior and activities.
  • It is more attractive and appealing due to the images, videos, texts, and other artistic designs that are eye-catching. It also makes your brand recognizable and recalled by the public. The viewers and customers will be familiarized with your branding and styles.
  • It allows you to monitor or track your display ads engagement so you can generate the reports and accomplishment rate of your material. The most common example is through the Google Display Network and Facebook Ads.

Best Strategies in Display Advertising

  • Identify your target markets and actual customers. Give careful attention to those market segments where your display ads will be appearing. You can choose whether by online behavior, by location or geography, or even by their status.
  • Make sure that a landing page will appear from your display ads. This will give and build your viewers’ good impression about your business. Your landing page has a big role in achieving your goal for conversion.
  • Design your banner creatively and appealing. See to it that your brand will be recalled by the viewers and don’t forget to display your logo, the font, and colors that are aligned to your brand. By being consistent in using these elements, you will have higher chances to be recognized by the public.
  • It is essential to include in your display ads the Call to Action part or CTA. It is not enough to show an attractive image or a video without persuading the viewers to have an urge to take action. This is so vital to attain conversion from viewers into clients. Some of the CTAs are showing the viewers the benefits of clicking your ads. It is also necessary for a CTA to be clear in its message when it comes to the design, statement, as well as readability of your display. To make it more inviting, ensure that the links to be clicked can be easily seen.

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