Investment Fund.

Assets At Work. Inside and Outside.

We think finance, breathe business and deliver value. It has always been our motto. We position ourselves as a smarter investment firm that amplifies our ecosystem and edge building more assets or invest in them.

We currently have two types of structures: A nano fund, which is injected with our own capital and a select group of private angels, and a more traditional hedge fund managed under COPUS CAPITAL. Built with data but executed by humans.

GMR is on the path to scale our investment funds for the micro-economy of this world. Where the traditional landscape in Venture Capitalism and Investment Banking fails, we are on a mission to disrupt that.

The Nano Fund.

We upcylce gains from our online media and e-commerce ventures into our nano fund. Our sole objective is to privately fund start-ups in their seed round that are unable to meet the financial requirements of a traditional VC funding round.

Getting funded through GMR is smart money. We are active investors and prefer companies that seek a backbone that requires more than just capital.

The Hedge Fund.

Designed for retail and institutional investors. Mostly Equities with the S&P500 as a benchmark. Aiming for undervalued stocks.

Our clients are investors that are passionate about our micro-economy vision or have funded start-ups through our private placement investment firm.

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