What’s Our Edge?

We’re not superheroes, but we do have the same entrepreneurial spirit as you. Not only do we act as consultants, but we are able to provide a springboard for companies seeking to get traction.

We built VivaSenso, our e-commerce last year, on track to add over 5000 products by the end of 2020. As we truly believe that every brand deserves a spot in the e-tail industry, we only seek for new, locally produced brands. From fashion to outdoors accessories.

Over the years, we built in silence our online publishing network. Which not only serves for display advertising, but the real added value for GMR is the data we are able to extract. The data that serves as a benchmark or validation when our clients seek answers or options to scale.


We own & manage a large e-commerce platform in English and Mandarin. Supporting independent brands from around the world.

If you own a retail product, we have the ability to put you right on the map through our own platform.

Online Media

We own an online publishing network. Content driven targeting large audiences in all sorts of niche markets.

A great way for start-ups seeking traction pre-launch through display advertising. Content still remains king to determine interests & markets.

Investment Fund

As the founder of GMR runs a private investment fund, we have immediate access to angel investors and institutions that seek innovative start-ups.

We are able to accelerate the deal flow or securing capital or getting you investment ready.

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