Digital Strategy.

There is a major difference between digital strategy, digital marketing or branding. One implies the roadmap and planning, whilst the other one is the actual process that includes the series of events or sources to achieve our goals.

Mapping out a suitable strategy for your venture, big or small is a cornerstone for the future.

GMR can help you buillding that roadmap before implementing the key elements. Lending our expertise and experience in scaling e-tail can kickstart the heart of your marketing department.

Some elements we’re really good at:

Digital Positioning.

Grow My Retail can help you plan one of the essential parts in your strategyDefining your brand’s value proposition with a single focus on your existing and new customers.

We help you outline your mission statement that is paired with data driven insights.

Emotional Response.

There is an old, but truthful expression: People buy with emotions and justify it with logic. We help you assess the emotional response through a multi-channel strategy, your copy and branding.

We help you set the right path, helping you understand what customers think. How we can engage with them and let them pull the trigger to choose your product over someone else’s.


The complexity of things. The guesswork and uncertainty of ROI can distance entrepreneurs from the SEM umbrella. But there is no other way around to get the desired results we want. GMR will set the added values with you. From SEO to abandoned carts. We will advise you in the right toolsets and execute a solid strategy.

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