Catvertising is a marketing technique that uses cats in advertisements. It was started in 1999 where the term was coined as a combination of the words cat and advertising. This advertising style is sometimes referred to as cat commercials or commercial cats. It became so famous as a new advertising model in 2011 because of the viral videos of cats in commercial advertisements produced by John St., an agency in Toronto, Canada.

Since then, catvertising has become so popular in making ads and it has shown the influence of cats in the field of advertising. Catvertising is one of the creative ways of promoting products because the power of cat videos has been catching people’s attention and enjoyment. Cats as the main character in commercialized ads did not only become attractive and persuasive but also entertaining for the viewers. Thus, catvertising became “Buyer,” which is a blend of the word “buy” and “viral.”

How does it work?

  • Cats are very popular so many people are fans of watching cat videos especially those that are entertaining which can turn viewers into customers.
  • Instead of humans, cats serve as the model which is associated with the products and services that are being promoted to the public.
  • Cats are cute and in the same way can display human-like emotions, behaviours, and actions which have the power to catch the attention of many people.
  • Even people are not present in the markets and shops when cat lovers see the cat commercials, they will more likely recall the products or services offered.
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