Scaling your business without losing momentum is an intense process. GMR can help you staying on track with neat business acumen on the commercial side. But we cannot be the venture catalyst we claim to be without adding the value of private placement investments.

Pieter’s experience lies in the space of VC and fundraising through Copus Capital. Our aim is to accelerate the deal flow for ventures that are investment ready for the first time, or looking to scale their current business locally or worldwide.

GMR is not the ordinary management consultant firm. We combine assets, expertise and values under one roof built by entrepreneurs, being able to help you with all important aspects that a business faces sooner or later.

We’re here to leverage your current resources to the max. We’re here to create the most value in your digital strategy. We’re here to streamline your management issues to accelerate your growth.

Pieter Borremans

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Pieter Borremans will be your point of contact. For direct enquiries contact him at

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